15 Months

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 // by alicia

Emmett has been growing up like crazy! We took him to the doctor a couple weeks ago and he is still on track for being one of the tallest kids in his age group!


Height: 33″ – 97%
Weight: 24 lb 13 oz – 79%
Head Circumference: 46.7 cm – 48%

He is walking and running all over the place, getting into cupboards, taking anything he can carry, banging it against the floor or his hands, all the while laughing and giggling and talking. I just love  watching him explore everything.

He loves to push the button on the iPhone and iPad, he loves pushing the music buttons on his toys and does a little head bob when music plays, he loves taking the pot lids and banging them on the floor (which I do not love), he enjoys getting the tupperware out and putting the lids on the containers, and he absolutely loves his daddy.

We FaceTime Joel almost every day and he gets the biggest smile on his face when his dad’s face shows up on the phone. Then Emmett takes Joel on a little walk, I’m sure Joel gets dizzy from this walk, and it’s just so cute how excited Emmett gets when he sees his dad come home. When he hears the garage door open he gets up and goes to the garage door and waits for him to come inside.

Emmett just makes our lives so happy and exciting.

Right now he has a runny nose – I don’t think it’s from teething because he doesn’t usually get runny noses from teething, but he’s had it for a week now and it’s not getting any better. :( Poor kid hates it when I suck out the snot, but he feels better when it’s finished, at least that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better for making him cry. :(

Emmett has 12 teeth now, front 4 on top and bottom and 4 molars.


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