10 Months

Saturday, August 9th, 2014 // by alicia

Let’s see… what happened at 10 months old…

He walks along furniture. And gets into cupboards. He got his first haircut! He didn’t do too bad – we put him in the bumbo and Calli cut while I held his hands. It was a good team effort. I don’t think he even screamed so that’s good. :)

He also rode on a bike for the first time. Calli has a baby seat that goes on the front of her bike that he rode in. He loved it. He looks pretty cute in pink helmets as well. :)


IMG_4465 IMG_4506 IMG_4507 IMG_4520 IMG_4548 IMG_4552 IMG_4565 IMG_4602 IMG_8742 IMG_8764 IMG_8777 IMG_8779 IMG_8805 IMG_8809 IMG_8941 IMG_8951 IMG_9228

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