6 Months!!

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 // by alicia

Our little Emmett is now 6 months old. Unbelievable.  We had a little photo shoot to celebrate the little cuteness that is Emmett and he certainly gave us some good poses.

Here are the stats from the doctor. The doctor said he is growing like a weed and is healthy as a horse, to paraphrase. :)

  • Height: 27 3/4″ – 89%
  • Weight: 17 lb. 4 oz. – 42%
  • Head: 44 cm. – 68%


  • Eats solids! Well, a couple kinds of solids. So far he has tried sweet potatoes, rice cereal, and avocado. He likes the sweet potatoes and cereal but hates avocado. Do we really blame him? I like them in food or with salt… but not just plain.
  • Rolls over from back to stomach, but not the other way. He has gone from stomach to back a couple time when gravity has been in his favor, but most times he screams after a minute or so of being on his tummy – especially if there isn’t anything to distract him.
  • Scoots around in circles with his head as the pivot point. He lifts his bum and moves it a little to the side. It’s pretty funny to watch. He once did a whole circle! He also scoots backward, pushing himself with his feet.
  • Giggles more and more everyday. He is such a cutie.
  • Has two teeth! They’re still stubbies but they’re getting bigger everyday. They are his front bottom teeth. So cute!
  • Sleeps through the night most of the time. He may half wake up maybe once or twice in the night but all it requires is a binky in the mouth and he’s out again. Yay!
  • Sits up… kind of. He leans forward a lot but he is getting better at keeping his balance.
  • Loves playing with his feet.
  • Loves to grab everything in sight! I have to be extra careful not to put glasses or silverware near him when he’s sitting in his bumbo on the counter.
  • Wears 6-9 month clothes.
  • Doesn’t like to go to bed unless he’s completely exhausted. Otherwise he just plays in his crib.
  • Likes to do the “care bear stare” while he stands up. :)

And now… the cutest most adorable pictures ever!

I love my hands!

Oh.. You want me to sit still for pictures?


Do you like my one eyebrow raise? Mom and Dad can’t even do it. Can you?


It wasn’t me!


Okay, okay. It was! It was me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


I’m falling over but I look cool doing it!


Haven’t you ever seen a baby playing the air flute?


Giggle giggle

I love you mom!

I love my binky so much it makes me smile!