Emmett Pictures

Friday, August 30th, 2013 // by alicia
Here are some random pictures of Emmett taken this month with Alicia’s phone.

Meeting the Jenkins' cousins. Everyone wanted to touch him.


Just sleeping the day away. I guess he's allowed to do that.


I love his little mouth and chin!

Melissa and Ben holding little Emmett

Big stretches!

A little smile!

Just chillin'.

Hope LOVES holding Emmett.

Daddy and baby Emmett. I love this picture.

Two week check-up


Hello Baby Emmett!

Saturday, August 10th, 2013 // by Joel

August 1, 4:30 AM we welcomed Emmett Maxwell into the family. It’s been a whirlwind week but I think Alicia and I are finally getting ahold of things a little bit; we’re starting to figure him out.

July 31st (Wednesday) we had our appointment with Dr Lawrence, and we were planning on asking to be induced the upcoming Friday. However, when Dr Lawrence called to setup the appointment, the hospital was booked solid. They were booked on Thursday as well. However, they were about to have 2 delivery rooms open up that afternoon, and one of them was ours if we wanted it. So we jumped on.

A few quick hours later we were checked in and Alicia had the Pitocin pumping in. This was around 3 in the afternoon. At her appointment earlier she was dilated to a 3, so that’s where we started from.

All plugged in for the drugs!

Waiting can be boring, the free wifi provided us some entertainment

At 9:30 or so Alicia was still at 3, not a lot of progress happening. About an hour later Dr Lawrence showed up and broke her water. After some initial shivers (normal) Alicia could feel some contractions coming on, and the monitoring equipment was showing the same.

At 11 Alicia asked for an epidural to be done. From here, things sped up pretty quickly. We were told to go ahead and try and get some sleep cause we probably had an early morning coming. I laid myself out on the couch-bed to try and sleep, but Alicia’s stupid blood pressure alarm was going off every 10 minutes, and I had to get up to shut it off. Repeat for 3 hours. Needless to say, no sleep.

This actually was pretty comfortable, but the alarm going off didn't really let me sleep at all.

At around 2:45 Alicia was checked again, and was dilated to a 10. Showtime was coming soon. Dr Lawrence wanted to wait another hour for Emmett to drop a little bit more. We asked the nurses to silence that stupid alarm, and I finally got solid sleep for an hour.

At 4 the whole team showed up, and it was time for Alicia to push. Due to her recent ankle breaks, she was unable to use the stirrups to help push, so a nurse and I each grabbed a leg and pushed her legs towards her while she pushed the baby out.

I had a front row view for the whole thing.

It was pretty amazing. I was prepared for the blood and all that, and just stood there taking it in, watching my little son creep out ever so slowly, and when he was just about out, after a quick bed transformation (insert Transformers sound) and Dr Lawrence getting all covered up, Alicia did one final push and out came baby Emmett.

Not at all like TV or the movies

Dr Lawrence was great in giving me time to take a few photos, and then called me over to cut the cord. It was a little tough, kinda leathery, but over quickly.


Once that was cut, Alicia had some cuddle time, then it was off to be cleaned up, but not without the Lion King ceremonial hoist up.

Emmett came in at 19.5" long, and a perfect 7lbs 7oz.

After cleanup and some calming down, the nurses discovered that Alicia was hemorrhaging more blood than they like, so we stayed in the delivery room for a little extra to get that monitored. Nothing serious, but still more than normal. (Everything turned out okay)

Since Labor and Delivery was all booked up, we were sent up to the 3rd floor and Pediatrics to spend the next few days making sure everything went well. And it did. We checked out Saturday morning and took Emmett home.

I love this picture

He's really darn cute

It’s now been a week and we’re falling in love with him more every day. It’s very life-changing, and often we have to really just sit back and realize we’re parents, but we love the job. He’s been a great baby boy so far, and we hope he keeps that up. Today, we finally took the time to shoot a few newborn shots. Enjoy!

He loves his hands, always up by his face, never at his side.

Yep, he's smiling. Can't wait until he does that more!

Of course you need to see a baby in the nude!