Maternity Photos

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 // by alicia

We finally got some maternity pictures taken – it only took 38 weeks to get them done. :) You’d think we would be able to do it sooner since Joel has a whole bunch of camera equipment…


Can't forget one with the boots!


Did I mention I broke my ankles?

Monday, July 22nd, 2013 // by alicia


We went camping up by Strawberry Reservoir with friends July 19th for the weekend. I was looking forward to getting out of the city and just enjoying the great outdoors. Joel’s family had recently purchased a tent trailer so we were excited to use it, and not camp in a tent. Being 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, sleeping on the ground did not sound fun!

We finally got up to the camp site around 8 pm Friday night. We set up the trailer and ate some dinner. The Rasmussen’s had made tin foil dinners to share with us, which were delicious by the way. They were so patient to wait for us to get there to eat.

When the time came to go to bed, we settled in – Joel on one bed and me on another. :) We got our own beds. It was wonderful – the joys of not having kids to share beds with. Two AM comes around, time for a bathroom break. Oh, the joys of being 9 months pregnant. So I find my shoes and flashlight and go outside in the woods, hoping to not stumble upon a coyote or something. I get back into the trailer safe and sound.

Next up… 5 AM bathroom break. Got my shoes and flashlight and went outside to find a spot. This time it was starting to get light so I had to be a little more careful where I went so people wouldn’t see me in case they were awake and outside. I did the deed and started walking back to the trailer. I wasn’t using my flashlight because I could see, as the sun was peaking over the mountain top. Well, it turns out, if you don’t use your flashlight AND you’ve got a “12 foot belly” (Joel’s phrase) then you better really watch where you’re going. I stepped on a big stick, which I guess was really a log, and somehow rolled both of my ankles trying to catch myself and fell to the ground. I tried getting up but I couldn’t stand up and my knee was really hurting too so it hurt to crawl. I tried yelling for Joel but I couldn’t make my voice go very loud because I was crying and also didn’t want to wake everyone up in the camp.

So I ended up crawling to the trailer, on my hands and knees with my feet in the air. It sure didn’t feel very good on my knees or hands… I’m glad I was in sweat pants so it wasn’t on bare skin. I got to the trailer, which was about 20 feet away, and pounded on it and yelled for Joel. He came out and tried to help me up but I couldn’t put any weight on my feet.

He woke up Josh and Skylor and they hoisted me into the truck, which was not an easy task. We then drove to the hospital in Heber, roughly 45 minutes away.

After waiting, x-rays, more waiting, monitoring the baby, and more waiting, they finally told me I had 2 broken ankles… Lucky for me they didn’t need surgery AND the baby was okay. Bets possible scenario. Thank goodness! I ended up with two walking boots. Can you picture a 9 month pregnant woman with two walking boots?

Waiting and waiting

I hate crutches.

I was making a fashion statement.

Icing my ankles, trying to get the swelling down

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