Back from the Dead in Photos

Friday, January 11th, 2013 // by Joel

After a long hiatus, here is a lot of photos in Joel’s 18 months year in review. Enjoy! Sorry if I left any memories out.

The house that got us looking at houses, we didn't get it

We went bowling

I learned to cook bacon in the oven

The 2nd house we put an offer on, and didn't get

Alicia's amazing Granddad passed away

I got plastic surgery

Our awesome rental in American Fork

The big living room

The Kitchen

Memorial Weekend at the Farm in Monticello

Deluxe His and Her Accommodations at the Farm

Big Fires at the Farm

Hiking at the Farm

We visited my rotting LandCruiser from High School

There was a dead cat in the motor, what was left of it

Checking out the Solar Eclipse, that was blocked by clouds

I assisted some photog friends on a shoot with the Utah Symphony, was able to wander all over the stage while they played. Private Concert!

I made it into the Finalist of the Grow America Competition

Walking home from the Bank one day, I stopped and bought a chair

We bought a 2007 FJ Cruiser

We had a 2 car garage!

We went 4Wheeling up American Fork Canyon

I found a picture of my family at the airport after my mission, August 2000

The giant head of Lee Corse that kept the birds from building a nest on our porch

The mountain in Alpine caught on fire

The fire sucked

I joined the Dollar Shave Club

We bought a freezer. That now lives at the Rasmussens because we don't have any room

Alicia sold her CTR Blocks during Steel Days in American Fork

We got kicked out

More 4Wheeling above Alpine

Alicia got me balloons for my birthday party

We moved out from our awesome house

Mt Hood from the window of the Airplane on our way to Oregon

We went to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle

We stayed at my cousin Elisa's house, a great remodel!

Cruise Time!

Leaving Seattle

Pulling into Juneau, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska

Alicia laughing at me while having lunch

Joel and Alicia

Awesome Waterfalls in the Fjord

We visited Pikes Place Market before flying home

Joel and Alicia at the Market

We had a family BBQ up at Mutual Dell

I took pictures for Tysons brother Cameron's Memorial Ride

My brother-in-law Tyson on the Memorial Ride

I wore a bucket

We visited Zion National Park

Another trip to the farm, with a slight detour to Hells Revenge Trail in Moab

We went to a play at Desert Star Theater with Josh and Maria

I made shirts for StartUp Weekend

Alicia helped my dad decorate the porch for the Holidays

Flying off to Cozumel, Mexico

While in Cozumel, the Iron Man was going on

I went to Cozumel with Kurt to go SCUBA Diving

I bought Mexican Twinkies

Amazing views from the Hotel

Santa came to the family Christmas Party

I learned that I always put on my left shoe first

We visited a windy beach in San Diego

We visited the San Diego Temple

The Camry Died

The Ford Focus that took us home

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