Chris Botti – Deer Valley Concert

Sunday, July 24th, 2011 // by Joel

Over the last year Alicia and I have become fans of Chris Botti and were excited to find out that he was coming to play in the Deer Valley Music Festival this summer. As soon as tickets were available we picked up a pair and looked forward to the concert.

The concert was last night and he didn’t disappoint. I played the trumpet in Jr High and High School and wondered if the higher altitude of Deer Valley would affect his range at all. He calmed my fears pretty quickly in the opening song where he played a very high note very loud and for a very long time, at least 30 seconds. It was awesome!

He played very familiar songs that he’s had on his albums, and had a few special guests in a great singer and an amazing Violinist. It was definitely not a disappointing evening.

Near the end the drummer did what all drummers do and threw one of his sticks out to the crowd. They then brought that guy that caught it up on stage and told him he’d have a cymbal solo in the next song, which was Nessun Dorma (one of my favorites). It was pretty entertaining when, at about 3 minutes, the guy just went monkey crazy on the cymbal, hitting it as fast and as loud as he could. He’s in the blue in the photo above.

We love going to these concerts! Last year we saw the Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony, and are anxiously waiting to see who will come next year. It’s a fantastic event in a beautiful place.