Summer is here! I think

Thursday, June 30th, 2011 // by Joel

It’s been quite a while since I did any kind of consistent updating on here, so I figure it’s time to talk about what we’re up to.

Alicia is happily working at Roberts Crafts in American Fork. She gets about 30 hours a week and they can’t get enough of her. They love her. Already had a few promotions, they treat her well and give her time off anytime she’d like. It’s a great job.

Joel is doing great working for himself. He’s got a few clients that are consistent and then a few one-off projects to keep him busy. Finally got his car back after 3.5 months without it, only cost $2500 to fix the transmission, put in a new front axle and a new radiator. Now, the biggest problem is the cracked windshield and Check Engine light that need to be fixed so he can register it – been expired since February. Once that’s taken care of it’ll be a few hundred more to get the AC fixed. It’s been problematic for a few years and at some point during the 3.5 month downtime it just decided to stop entirely. And all this needs to be done and paid for by July 31st so he can go on a motorcycle trip with his friends.

Not really sure why I wrote that in 3rd person. Oh well.

Life is good here in Lehi, we love it. We’ve planted a little garden in what little dirt we have and are looking forward to some tomatoes, peppers and zucchini later this summer. I’ll get some pictures up of that soon!

Meet Nuggles

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 // by Joel

Last week I thought that Alicia could use a new friend around the house, and since she’s opposed to having any pets (along with the land-lords) I realized that a new Teddy Bear would probably do the trick. So we headed up to Fashion Place Mall and visited Build-a-Bear to see what she could come up with.

This bear looks okay, but let's see what else we have to choose from

Which of the two? The darker one for sure!

When you first pick-out your bear, you soon discover they have no soul.

Thankfully they have specialists that will give your bear a soul

They're also excellent with stitches.

Now her bear has a soul! And is oh so soft and squishy!

This step took a few minutes, what to name the bear!?

Alicia and her new friend Nuggles