General Conference

Monday, April 4th, 2011 // by Joel

This last Thursday I had the awesome opportunity to meetup with an old friend from my mission and take photos of him and his family. He, along with 18 others, traveled from Australia to spend a few weeks in Utah and attend General conference.

Tuesday was probably the best weather day of the year so far, the sky was blue, the temperature was warm, the wind was calm and the clouds were just fluffy. It was beautiful. We had such a fun fun time with them.

During the photos we mentioned that we were hoping to make it up to a session of General Conference this year since neither of us had been for quite a long time. Shortly afterwards Graham (the father) gave us 2 tickets to the Sunday Afternoon session which we happily took.

Sunday, unlike Thursday, was not a lovely weather day. Winter, with all its ugliness, returned full force with a snow storm and cold temperatures. Thankfully during the time of walking to/from the Conference Center we had clear skies so we didn’t end up getting too battered by the snow.