For Sale!

Friday, March 25th, 2011 // by Joel

Well, it’s been awhile since any kind of substantial update on here, my apologies! It’s been an interestingly stressful past few months. Without publicly stating it too much I’ve been out on the job hunt. I generally enjoy where I’m at but just feel like it’s time to move on; I’d really like more of a career at this point in my life and where I’m at isn’t going to be deliver that for awhile. I’ve tossed my resume out a few places, had some nibbles, some interviews, some hopes and some real estate shopping. One of my front-runner options is down in Arizona, so… we may be moving? We’ll see! I have yet to get an offer from them and as of today I’m wondering if I’d take it if I did get one. We’ll just have to see! It would be an adventure for sure!

But enough about me! On to Alicia. She’s been busy over the last several months making gorgeous crafty items. After building up a nice little collection of items she finally opened up her own Etsy store (The Chattel) and has already had a few sales! I think she has some awesome products to offer and has a few more awesome ones in the works. So check back often and.. well, buy something!